Projects European funding

Bolgarski dom provides:
• The complete information about the programs in Bulgaria to bankroll the small and medium companies of the pre-accession funds, structures and programs.
• Advice on specific programs of the European Union.
• Consultation for completion of projects for companies.
• Co-consultation for implementation of projects for the European partner.
• Consultation for the choice of an european program best suited for your company.
• Preparation of technical data of all documents of the company to became candidate in our nationals and the european institutions, as required by the program.

Main objectives of the european programs are:
Work to improve the growth and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises through the financing of:
– Support the development and introduction of an international experience.
– Improvement of equipment and introduction of the experiences of the companies of the European Union.
– Looking for business partners and investors.
– Improving the organizational structure and management.
– Preparation of business plans.
– Development and improvement of information systems management.
– Preparation of certification systems for the quality control (EN-ISO, etc.).

• To provide information for individual projects with a grant of one million euros per project.
Each project will be developed in a way that better meets the requirements and the needs of the particular company.

The programs in Bulgaria grant subsidy from funds to companies who meet the following conditions:
• Small and medium companies from all sectors.
• The candidates privileged are companies working in the food industry, production of building materials as well as companies engaged in trade sector of services.