ID 1011

Price: 125 000m² 70,000 €

Vente terrains de 5000 à 125 000m².Autorisés à construir.Dans un ancien complexe thermale à coté de Sliven.Au prix de 12 euros au…

Investment projects Available

ID: 998

Price: 85,000 €

For sale plot of 5800 sq.m. There is an asphalt playground and a paved parking lot. T he site there is a…

Investment projects Available

ID: 991

Price: 22,000 €

Building land of 8000 m2, Sliven side.For industrial buildings.Near Highway.Price 22,000 euros.

Investment projects Available

ID: 990

Price: 360,000 €

Biznes for sale, furniture production, portesmassives and concrete tiles, planters figures etc.Surface the land is 1000m² building 8500m².Surface-in very good etat.Vendu with…

Investment projects Available

ID: 989

Price: 43,000 €

This apartment of 117 m2 is situated in one of the districts of Sliven. The apartment has a couloire, a living room…

Apartment Available

ID: 958

Price: 308,000 €

For sale complex in the city 45 km away from gr.Sliven.Located in the central part of Bulgaria.Located in the northern part of…

Hotel Available

ID: 957

Price: 1,400,000 €

Sell land of 62 241 m².Well placed: 100 km from Burgas,10km from Sliven, 7 km of Sliven with mineral waters known with…

Investment projects Available

ID: 956

Price: 17,000 €

13 000m² of land, agricultural possibiliter but with easy regulation in 6 mois.A 2km from Sliven, 100km from Burgas.On the beginning of…

Investment projects Available

ID: 951

Price: 14,500 €

House 108m², 828m² yard, with external parking buildings etc 80m².Située the foot of the mountain 35km from Sliven, in a small town…

House Available

ID: 941

Price: 400,000 €

We present you a complex of four detached houses on common ground in an architectural reserve 67 km from the city of…

Hotel Available