About Us

With his integration in the European Union since 1st January 2007, Bulgaria raises the enthusiasm of investors. Bulgaria is primarily a country in Southern Europe. Located in the heart of the Balkans and along the Black Sea, Bulgaria offers a variety of beautiful and unique landscapes, mant traditions and activities. A tourist destination which is currently the highest in the Europe.The market development of the Bulgarian property is the cheapest major European destination. After the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union, buying a property in this country is an opportunity whish is not to be missed! It is therefore natural that we wanted to offer to our customers the opportunity of investors to invest in Bulgaria, implementing a sustainable approach and with our exclusive promoter partners and banks. Due to our professionalism and expertise recognized, we can offer you a range of apartments and houses at prices not found today in Western Europe and with a strong profitability.

With strong economic growth, the tourism development, the political system that encourages foreign direct investments and the infrastructure which is rapidly developing with the support of the European Union, Bulgaria offers all the advantages of a irresistible destination.